Super Fast Keyword Research

  • October 2, 2014

Write out the keyword phrase in a few different ways

Run your keywords through Google Adwords

Go to

Go into the keyword planner

Selecting Keyword Planner in Google Adwords

Choose “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”

Selecting Search for keyword and adgroup ideas in Google adwords

Type your words in

Where to put your keyword in the Keyword planner

Turn off keyword options

Turning the keyword options off in Keyword planner

Select the location of your audience

Selecting a target area for keyword research in Google adwords

Click “get ideas”

click get ideas

Click “Keyword Ideas”

Select Keyword Ideas view in the results pages of the keyword planner

Look at the most relevant suggested keywords. Make a note.

Look at the suggested relevant terms in keyword planner

Now, organize by search volume

Sort by search volume in keyword planner

Many of these words are not relevant

Now, force the tool to include a minimum word combo

limit the results by including a keyword in the keyword planner results


Keyword results limited by volume

The highest search keyword phrase is relevant because that’s what the neighborhood is called and we think user intent is there too. Anyone searching for this neighborhood is most likely searching for homes.


Additional Resources for more robust keyword research:

By Scott True

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