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  • August 21, 2014

Have the rules really changed?


I ask this question often because I often hear about people thinking that they need to change their strategy because Google keeps changing the rules.

I actually have a ton of historical data now that, at some point, I need to pull together in a post. I just don’t have time right now. But soon.

For now, I wanted to pass on a little bit of insight I got from Rand today.

I asked this question at AMA with Rand Fishkin

Hi Rand, I’d like to ask about Google “changing the rules.” We hear so much talk about what used to work does not work now. But what if we were simply doing good marketing? Can we still do that? I dug into the history of the algo changes and I never saw anything that said to stuff keywords and “get links.” I’m thinking that the rules didn’t (or very little) change after all.

I’d like to share the clip of the video where this question was addressed

And here’s the full video

Here were the comments posted on the event
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And here’s the one I posted earlier by accident

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