Our Meetups have changed! SEO, Real Estate Marketing, and Austin Online Marketing Club

  • August 30, 2014

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When: Friday September 12th

Where: 11410 Century Oaks Terrace
Austin, TX 78758


Austin SEO Meetup is changing quite radically

Also, some announcements about my other Meetups

I’ve been away and I’ve had time to think. I don’t want to get carried away, but I want to share some observations I’ve had.

The big meetings at Austin SEO Meetup were great, but the formal structure minimized networking.

I, personally, got the most out the more social type of meetings, like Coffee and SEO. In these meetings, we really got a chance to get to know each other, network, and discuss the details of real issues rather than general top level stuff. Ironically, these kinds of meetings are less popular. Well, maybe that will change.

I’m interested Social Networking and more open meetings where we discuss real issues. I invite all of you to embrace this change and join me in this great new Meetup structure.

My goal is for all you to have access to great social networking opportunities and better learning engagements where we meet and discuss vs. just listening to a presentation.

There is another initiative I would like to introduce: ATX Inboud – Some of us met before about creating a collaborative website by Austinites and about Austinites. I want to bring this idea back to life and do it.

We believe we can enrich our own lives by enriching the lives of each other

ATX Inbound is a platform open to all freelancers and entrepreneurs, regardless of profession, to network and learn online marketing.

The website features member profiles, a member blog, and a navigation system that links the best blog posts to tables of content under the categories of SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media. I’ll be announcing the launch event soon!

So, with all of that said, here are my Meetups and general agenda for each

Austin SEO


The big meetings

No more. Actually, there are a few exceptions.

1 We will have big meetings on occasion when there is a special event (not ongoing, not regular). In fact, we have just that kind of meeting coming up.

2 Austin SEO Networking Hour (below). I’m calling it an exception because I’m not putting a limit on how many folks can sign up. I’m not sure if these will be just a few people hanging out or if it will attract a crowd. I guess we will find out. Either way, I’m doing it!

Austin SEO Networking Hour *NEW

This event is for SEOs, anyone that is interested in SEO, or Online Marketing related folk. It’s an opportunity to socially network and get to know people in this town.

Leave your projects at home. You can still talk about them if you want, but this event is a little less hands on projects and a little more hands on beers. In other words, we’re just having fun and networking.

Coffee and SEO

The tradition continues. This is how the group got started.

Coffee and SEO is a morning meeting of a handful of people. It’s super casual and totally lacks any kind of structure. It’s great for networking and discussing SEO.

Bring your projects, ideas, and online marketing problems! This is the place to address whatever issues are going on and allow everyone to give their two cents! Ask your SEO questions for us all to reply.

I will occasionally include the limelight sessions which shine a limelight on a member during the Coffee and SEO meeting.

Austin Online Marketing Club

Description from the Meetup page

This is the same great group that can be found on LinkedIn.


This group is dedicated to learning and sharing information regarding Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Pay Per Click (PPC), as well as how to apply these skills to online websites, portfolios, and resumes.

We meet every 2nd Wednesday at Mangia Pizza on Burnet/Mopac @ Duval

This is the group where we’ll be working on ATX Inbound.

Real Estate Marketing

Description from the Meetup page

We are Agents, Brokers, and Marketing Managers that get together to discuss and share the challenges and creative wins we have in our Real Estate businesses.

* Who should join: Agents, Brokers, and Real Estate Marketing professionals.

* Why should members join: We believe that by sharing ideas and being vulnerable to criticism, we can grow together and develop stronger marketing plans. We also believe that by not keeping secretes, our good ideas can turn into excellent ideas.

* What can members expect out of the Group:

This group is for anyone interested in Real Estate Marketing and SEO. The idea is that all members are willing to participate in learning, teaching, and discussing. If you don’t have anything to bring to the table yet, don’t worry. Please come and learn. But also share with us what you learn as you go through your own Real Estate Journey.

And we’re going to have fun! So come on out and meet some like-minded people!

Hope to see you guys around!

I believe people who own their ideas inspire the world