This Month is Packed with Activities!

  • April 8, 2015

On toMyRealtyU Logop of spending much of his time growing his own business, Scott has been very busy around town lately. He has been organizing a number of meetups including – Austin SEO and MyReatlyU. Additionally, Scott is a founding board member of the Texas Freelance Association, which serves as an online community where freelancers collaborate with each other.


Both Austin SEO and MyRealtyU currently have a series of classes geared towards teaching small business owners and freelancers how to grow and promote their business through marketing and SEO. There will be one meeting a month covering many different aspects and including guest speakers, presentations, and time for one-on-one interactionsTFA logo

  1. April 8th at the Fork and Vine – The MyRealtyU series begins this week and directs its syllabus towards realtors.
  2. April 14th at Genuine Joe’s – Austin SEO’s series is designed for current SEOs and those wanting to learn.
  3. April 17th at the Ronald McDonald House. This meetup will be a Q&A about SEO and interactively gives members an opportunity to increase their understanding of SEO and how it can benefit themselves and their business.
  4. April 28th at Soma Vida – Scott is speaking on an SEO panel along with several other local professionals. This event is designed for bar and restaurant owners and will teach strategies to market your business online. Feel free to check out these meetups and sign up for any one of the events to see what’s going on!

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