Your good, quality, and relevant content won’t work

  • April 18, 2016

Does your marketing plan look like this?

  1. X number of blog posts per week
  2. Share each post on Social Media
  3. Get 5 new likes a month
  4. Earn 5 backlinks a month
  5. Send newsletter out to email list 1 time a month
  6. etc. etc.

Guys, this does not work. The internet is so saturated with this crap.

“But guys, content is king right?” – That’s bull. Everyone has content!

“Oh, but wait… All we need is good, quality, and relevant content.” – That’s bull. EVERYONE has good, quality, and relevant content.

If that’s all you do, you’re going be spinning your wheels. I mean, you might see some level of success, but it’s only by chance, not by design.

Start with purpose

Focus 10% of your time and energy on tactics. It doesn’t matter how you put your message out there, especially if nobody cares. But if you put 90% of your time and energy into the purpose, you might just win by design, and not by chance.

A strong purpose that people resonate with will enable you to stand out.

Great companies aren’t great because of the marketing. Marketing is just the method to expose the greatness.

Start with greatness. Tactics are easy after that.

Just some quick thoughts of mine… – Scott True

I believe people who own their ideas inspire the world