Class Has Started for the Austin SEO Meetup!

  • April 17, 2015

And so we began! The SEO School series started April 14th with a repeat class on April 20th at Genuine Joe’s and initiated an awesome course that teaches skills to advance and empower businesses through online marketing and SEO.  For this first class, Scott led a very engaging discussion explaining what SEO is, the reason it is an important part to your business, and different approaches that can be taken to accomplish increased rankings in search engines.

Scott speaks to Austin SEO

SEO is any effort that is executed for the purposes of increasing visibility in Search.

Though there are different methods used to increase rankings online, the most viable option to achieve your desired results is to earn it the hard way.

Austin SEO Meetup

There are two parts to implementing a successful approach to SEO:

  1. Technical SEO – This is your foundation. Understanding key elements and purposes of title tags, meta descriptions, images, headings and sub headings and blogs will enable you to lay down the framework for building and increasing results in Search.
  2. Creative Marketing – Designing a strategy directed at users or customers, rather than Google. There must be something your company offers that separates it from other companies – a reason someone would come to you over another business. Identify this and build upon it.

Combing these two components will provide an opportunity to build and expand your business’s presence online. Future classes will delve into specifics of technical SEO and the appropriate way to execute tasks allowing your business to attain a higher status and keep it there.

Please join us for the next class which covers the SEO audit with expert speaker Christian Greiner on how to analyze your own website, address areas that need to be fixed and identify opportunities that can be improved.

Austin SEO Meetup