About Coffee and SEO

Coffee and SEO is an SEO and Entrepreneur blog led by Scott True and Sponsored by Apogee Results. We lead, organize, go to, sponsor, and endorse all kinds of events.

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This blog actually started out on my scotttrue.com domain. Way back then, I had no direction. It was just something I was starting. Because I was an SEO, the blog became an SEO blog. Eventually, it became several posts and I wanted to sort of separate it from scotttrue.com. Why? Because no matter what happens in my life. No matter how many times I change direction in my entreprenership journey, I want scotttrue.com to be the base; the quick referrence to tell people what I’m currently up to. So the blog was separated and put on a subdomain: seoblog.scotttrue.com. Being busy, this blog has been abandoned over and over. Now, I’m coming back to it to revive it. This time around, I am giving it direction and a new domain. coffeeandseo.com is, obviously, the new domain and the new direction is: 1. SEO and Entrepreneurship blog and 2. Events.